Thursday, May 17, 2007

2:30A.M. Madness

So I was sound asleep and something woke me up. Wasn't quite sure at the time what it was, but then I heard a car alarm. I finally came out of my slumber enough to realize that the alarm I was hearing sounded very much like Brian's car alarm. "Oh crap, not again," I thought. So I ran to the window to witness the scene of carnage of the vehicles. A drunk driver had hit the back of Jesse's car, ramped it up onto Brian's car, and then Jesse's car rolled off of Brians car and landed upside down in our front yard. Insanely enough, it missed rolling onto my car (which was parked in the driveway) by about 6 inches. The drunk guy's hands were all bloody and he had a gash on his head. He was treated at the scene and then arrested. Here are some pictures. I'm sure Brian will be posting some of his pictures later today on his blog, so check it out.

Don't drink and drive, kids.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Amazing World We Live In

Lately I've been watching Planet Earth alot on the Discovery channel. I am in constant awe when I watch this show. I was talking about the show with a lady I work with the other day and she made a good point. She said "I don't understand how people can fight all the time over stupid things when we live in such an amazing world. They should be enjoying it instead of hating all the time." That's so true. God has given us a global playground showcasing his beautiful creation, and we just crap all over it most of the time. On a lighter note, school is almost over and I'm pumped big time. I'm about to start working on one test now, and I have one more next week. And then what could possibly be the best summer of my life so far. Hiking 100 miles, living with Jon again, Cara won't be lame anymore, cookouts, backroading (although it won't be quite the same) lake, beach...ok I'm getting a little too giddy right now. I hope this finds you well. Until next time.

Much love,