Friday, December 21, 2007

Excitement of things to come...

I thought I'd take this moment to blog before the weekend gets too crazy with family and holiday obligations. Yes, obligations. I'll smile and act like I'm having a great time though.

This will officially be my first Christmas away from my family. Why? BECAUSE I'M GOING TO COSTA RICA!! I'm ridiculously excited, just in case you couldn't sense it from the previous sentence being in all caps. My parents were cool with it when I first mentioned it to them before I bought the ticket, but now they are trying to make me feel guilty about it (pretty sure they are just joking though) Either way it is getting on my nerves. The following list are some reasons I am excited about going to Costa Rica.

-Going to the beach, tasting the salt water on my lips.
-Awesome fresh fruit
-Seeing all kinds of crazy animals in the rain forest, including but not limited to sloths, monkeys, frogs, snakes, birds, leopards, and jaguars.
-Whitewater rafting in the jungle
-Hiking a volcano
-Learning about a new culture

There are more buy my laptop battery is about to die and I'm too lazy to get the power cord.

I do have a prayer request for this trip. I am arriving on a different flight than Dan and his sister (I get there about 2 1/2 hours after them). Pray that we are able to find each other easily once I get there. Other than that, prayers of safety would be appreciated. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mutant Cats

Chalk one up for another pointless discovery in the world of science. Some researchers in Korea have cloned a cat that carries a protein called RFP (red fluorescence protein) in all of it's cells. When you shine ultraviolet light on the cats, they shine red. Freaky. This isn't the first time either, folks. There are fluorescent rabbits, fish, frogs, and even a monkey I believe. In all seriousness though, this actually is a significant achievement. They believe they can use the same technique used to introduce the fluorescence to the cat to treat and possibly cure certain genetic disorders. I hated cats to begin with...and now that they can look even more demonic, I hate them even more.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dear Lord, Arf Arf.

This is quite possibly one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen. Yes I used the word "cutest." Don't hate. The dog looks like he is praying extremely hard. Maybe he really is. One of the greatest pleasures in my life is getting to pray with kindergarten and first grade kids at the Greenhouse. They have absolutely no reservations about asking God for silly things. I think that is something that is completely lost by adult Christians. We can ask God for ANYTHING, but alot of times we don't ask him because we think it isn't "important enough." I've resumed reading a book I started a couple of years ago at the suggestion of Callan. (Prayer by Richard Foster) Sometimes I get caught only talking to God when I need to ask him for something, but he wants to engage us in ways much deeper than that. We should talk to him as we would a best friend. Tell him frustrations, joys, praises, needs, talk about football with him. That would be fun..."Hey Jesus, how bout them Colts?"

Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh Sun, where have you gone?

Today I'm in a Jeremy Enigk mood. His music is good for this weather.

I think I'll move to the tropics someday. But then I wouldn't have good Jeremy Enigk weather.

On second thought, I can do without Jeremy Enigk.

Peace out, y'all.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Today it's gloomy.

The leaves are gone.
Cold is here.
No sunny skies.
December is not single person friendly. Maybe I can get a girl to just sign a one month agreement? Not likely.
It is amazing to me that on gloomy days like this, the Lord still fills my heart with joy.
I have much to be thankful for.