Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Darwin Day?

People in the biology field FREAK OUT about Darwin. Apparently tomorrow is Darwin's 200th birthday. Some of the professors are so excited about it that they started talking about it last semester, so I am not surprised that my department is having a birthday party for him. Here's an exerpt of an email I just got:

"We will be going over activities for the semester as well as celebrating Darwin's 200th birthday!...As part of the celebration, there will be an evolution quiz game with prizes. And if you can, please bring fun Darwin-related food items to help celebrate."

I'm really curious what people will come up with for "fun Darwin-related food items," but I don't intend on going to find out. I'm such a biology rebel. Just for fun, what Darwin-related food item would you come up with? I'm thinking "Galapogos goulash."


Brian said...

I would bring The Origin of Spinach dip

Original Settler said...

Just heat up some Bagel Bites but rename them "Beagle" Bites. Duh.

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