Sunday, March 8, 2009

Come visit more often, but next time leave the germs in Little Rock.

Ho hum, I guess I should blog to keep certain people happy (you know who you are). The bad news: I've spent the last 6 days or so doing a lot of whining about how bad my throat hurts and coughing my lungs up - thanks, Leah. The good: I got to hang out with Leah for the first time in like, years it seems.

Other happenings:
-Jonathan came to visit last Wednesday till this morning. It was fun hanging out and was a good prelude to this summer!
-I ate Asian food three times in the last week. That's pretty abnormal for me.
-I skipped church without having a good excuse for the first time in a long while today. It was kind of refreshing actually.
-We are T-11 days till I leave for a week in Puerto Rico. To say that I'm excited would be the understatement of 2009 so far.
-The weather lately has made my soul happy. The pollen explosion caused by said weather has made my allergies not-so-happy. I'll gladly make that trade any day though. Bring on the flonase!


leah marie. said...

WES!! i promise next time i come up that i won't bring any germs to infect you with!

ps-it was fun and made me happy...imissyoufriend!

ps again-i want to try to come again sometime soon. maybe summer? mine starts june 1.

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